All of my paintings I inspired by my previous and current experience and observation of the world. I used wide range of painting techniques and materials as oil, ink, acrylic, charcoal, coloured paper and canvas.


I take my inspiration from the nature of the world and use people, animals and plants as models for my art works.


My latest collection is dedicated to New Zealand in general and Wellington in particular. It expresses my feelings of the New Zealand capital and society.


I was born in Russia, grew up in Siberia and studied at the Biysk School of Fine Arts. On graduating I worked in advertising. In 2009, my husband and I emigrated to New Zealand and last year I completed a Bachelor of Creative Technologies at Weltec.


Coming to New Zealand brought fresh air in my life and refreshed my lifestyle. I had not been surrounded by bright light and such a multifaceted society before; the new environment enriches me emotionally and artistically everyday.


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