Benjamin Smith

A children’s book for ages one to 100.

"You can tell the type of Benjamin Smith,

by the troublesome  friends you see him with…"


Benjamin Smith bullies his way through school until the  Principal takes a stand and sends him home. Benjamin’s Dad wants this bad  behavior to stop and so he makes Benjamin a deal. He brings home a very large  but very young dog for Ben to train. And so Benjamin meets Killer, a giant puppy with no manners. As Ben bullies the dog, Killer’s behavior becomes so bad he wrecks everything in the  house. Has Benjamin met his match? And what is the deal Dad has offered?


Written with a deft hand at rhyme and humor by Shona M Wilson, this book will enchant animal-lovers aged from one to 100. It has a message,  too, of the redeeming nature of a dog, even if he is called Killer. Illustrator, Maria Bozina, enhances the text with vibrant illustrations which capture character and mood.


Tangerine Publications engaged Maria Bozina to illustrate a children's picture book, 'Benjamin Smith'. The illustrations delighted both us as publishers and the author. They perfectly captured the spirit of the story. Not only that, Maria's conduct throughout was extremely professional.


She communicated frequently with us and the author; she met deadlines promptly, was willing to make changes when requested. We enjoyed working with her and look forward to doing so again in the future. We would highly recommend her as a hard-working professional artist.



Joan Rosier-Jones

Maria Bozina is an insightful artist, drawing the essence from real life characters and scenery to create vivid images. Her attention to detail and ability to capture expression is evident as she produces stylised work with very real heart. Her depictions of ‘Welly’ communicates the way she feels living in our capital city. She has absorbed the culture and noticed its beauty.


Maria illustrated my children’s book , ‘Benjamin Smith.’ When I created Benjamin I imagined a troubled boy with a gentle soul. Hard edges, soft- centered.  I did not have to tell Maria this as she has the intuition to create genuine personality.  And so the tale of Benjamin Smith unfolded with a series of gorgeous pictures, telling a very real story. I sometimes wonder if any of the words are needed.


As an author, Benjamin Smith was a character in my head. But as Maria breathed life into him he became true and believable, someone his peers can truly connect with as they read his story.


I admire Maria’s talent and recommend her as an artist in any capacity.



Shona M Wilson


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